What is cinematography and how is it different from videography?

Cinematography is a captivating medium that masterfully weaves together the art of shooting and editing videos, all with the primary aim of telling a compelling story. It embraces a harmonious fusion of professional documentary-style techniques, resulting in an exquisitely crafted film that beautifully captures the essence of your wedding day. In contrast, videography is predominantly focused on capturing raw footage to document an event, typically performed by a lone individual stationed discreetly in the background, shooting a continuous long-form video with minimal editing.

Can I make an appointment?

We offer appointments via phone, Skype, and FaceTime. We will also work with you to accommodate your schedule. Just ask!

How soon after my wedding will I get my films?

We know our clients can’t wait to see their films so we do our best to get them finished as soon as possible. Each type of film has a different delivery timeline that can be confirmed by your wedding consultant.

How far do you travel?

We currently provide services within a three-hour radius of Kenosha, WI. Many of our events bookings occur within the Milwaukee and Chicago areas. Please note that some venue locations may incur travel and accommodation fees. Please contact us to find out if any travel fees apply for further out requests. 

We are ready to book! What’s the next step?

Get your booking started by filling out our contact form or calling us. If you have questions or are ready to book, email or give us a call at 262-818-6478. 


We have the incredible ability to seize the most significant moments of your life, which seem to pass by in a blink of an eye! Starting from the exhilarating moments of the morning preparations, to the deeply emotional walk down the aisle, and culminating in that climactic instant when you utter the words “I do,” we will be there, dedicated to our passion: capturing the most extraordinary moments of your life! Your wedding film will serve as a time machine, allowing you to relive all the joyous and exhilarating moments of your special day. In the future, even your beloved grandkids will have the privilege of watching and experiencing those cherished memories!

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